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Just so Mr. Mugrie knows I am and getting way better at typing. I also want to make a shout out

HAPPY HOLLOWEEN.  Say Hi too everyone for me thanks now to the topic of blooging

I have been in Logan school and there really is no the different. And now for the 6th graders .

enjoy your time because you are going miss it and watch your back pranks every where! talk to you later homework time.(uhhhhhhh)


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Whats your favorite  song? I can’t dicide can you?

Why don’t you help me ! tell me your favorite song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have not been on this blog in a while well not since the end of school and now I am telling my self don’t cry don’t cry cause I just realised how much I miss every body.

okay time to start to talk about church camp. Well I left sunday after noon to get their and left this morning . when I got there there was a lot of crying and a lot of I’m gonna miss you going around so I was thinking  all great every one is crying this  should be an interesting week so my spirits were kinda low then I spotted them and they spotted me and we all started screaming cause these were my best friends from last year. There names were Madison ,Madison, Alex ,mickey and makense so now i am as happy as can be and I thought I could not be happier entail Zack showed up.  So I went over to say Hi cause I did not know him and we started talking so that night his girl friend punched me in the fore head ‘accidently’.

Trust me that did not feel good so later that day you will never guess they broke up then she really hated me so that  was my first night at camp so goood night and talk to you later!

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Habby birthday me!!!!   6 comments

It is june 26 my big day im turning 12. yeaaaaaaaa!!!!

My dad is throwing a luau for me. I have kate ricketts and kaylee m. It is going to be great!!!!

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I am soooo sad bobby vicory has died so please pray for him….


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In the reading workshop we Have this  question. The question is  Dose integrity mater to a  sixth grader. This is how I answered the question.

Yes it does matter to a sixth grader. It matters to me because I do not want me or either of my families made fun of.
An example of integrity is when you see a bunch of candy on the table and you do not even think about taking a piece.

Now lets take a visit to Freak the mighty.

I am kinda like Freak because I was put in some hard problems where it is hard to tell the truth but I do and so does he.

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Im a sixth grader at laureville elementary and I was wondering why do the teachers only worry about bulling. If you ask most of the kids bulling dose not go on that much but what dose is drama. Drama is hurtful because it gottan so bad that you can hardly trust anyone. I can understand in my grade it is coming but dose  first graders need to write letters already that says Im not your friend!  Really look outside of bulling and relize  what is imporant DRAMA!

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